9 Quotes Regarding Pain

World's use is cold, world's love is vain, world's cruelty is bitter bane; but is not the fruit of pain.
Elizabeth B. Browning

Real pain can alone cure us of imaginary ills. We feel a thousand miseries till we are lucky enought to feel misery.
Samuel T. Coleridge

Pain is no evil unless it conquers us.
George Eliot

The art of life is the art of avoiding pain.
Thomas Jefferson

The mind is seldom quickened to very vigorous operations but by pain, or the dread of pain. We do not disturb ourselves with the detection of fallacies which do us no harm.
Samuel Johnson

As an enemy is made more fierce by our flight, so Pain grows proud to see us knuckle under it. She will surrender upon much better terms to those who make head against her.
Michel De Montaigne

You purchase pain with all that joy can give, and die of nothing but a rage to live.
Alexander Pope

The scourge of life, and death's extreme disgrace, the smoke of hell - that monster called Pain.
Philip Sidney

Nothing begins, and nothing ends, that is not paid with moan; for we are born in other's pain, and perish in our own.
Francis Thompson

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